Rock and Mause designer Ieva Trumpekoja

Rock and Mause designer Ieva Trumpekoja

Rock and Mouse is a small kids fashion brand from Latvia with a strong desire to grow big. We focus on stylish yet childish, comfortable urban childrenswear for girls and boys from newborn up to 10 years. We stand for unlimited movement and bright laughter, for children’s urge to explore and to express themselves. We say „yes!” to having fun. We believe in vibrant adventures as well as colors. And we know that „practical” doesn’t have to be „boring”.

Our aim is to create pieces that kids would prefer to wear while using original prints of local artists, quality fabrics and ethical production methods.  

Rock your childhood!

Rock and Mouse is created by a mom Ieva Trumpekoja and was inspired by one very active little girl and by their precious time spent together. 

It started at 2016 as a small project but with a dream of Rock and Mouse becoming a well known children fashion brand. Since then it has grown significantly yet we would like to think it is still just the beginning. 

Since the beginning not only the brand has developed but her family as well – there are four  little muses of Rock and Mouse. They are called our Testing department and are the greatest inspiration!

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