Conditions of participation for DESIGNERS at the Baltic Kids Fashion Weekend 
  1. A DESIGNER may exhibit/show both the current collection and the next season's collection. The demonstration of collections from previous years is not allowed!
  2. A DESIGNER shows at least 20 to 30 clothing sets.
  3. A DESIGNER undertakes to be present at the event and is responsible for a correctly chosen clothing image, its preservation and cleanliness throughout the entire event and thereafter, as well as for the overall image on the runway.
  4. A DESIGNER may present only a clothing collection or he/she may bring his/her own models complying with the organisers' conditions subject to prior approval of all children models.
  5. The ORGANISERS provide models needed by the designers for the show in compliance with the necessary sizes for the collection (height in centimetres).
  6. A DESIGNER has to indicate whether shoes will be provided or whether the children have to bring their own pair of shoes. In case the children have to bring their own pair of shoes, the ORGANISER needs to know in advance what type and colour they need to be.
  7. A DESIGNER has to submit an application for participation using the website. After his/her participation and collection have been approved, the DESIGNER pays an amount of EUR 250+VAT for his/her participation within 60 days prior to the show.
  8. On the day of the show, a DESIGNER has to be available and present and arrive with his/her collection at the specified exact time without violating the rules.
  9. On the day of the show, a DESIGNER may participate at his/her collection's rehearsal. A DESIGNER may not independently influence the order of appearance of the children on the runway. Corrections may be implemented only after receiving an approval from the teacher-programme director.
  10. Appearance of the children on the runway is organised by the programme director in accordance with the children's skills and age.
  11. A DESIGNER brings the following equipment to the show: clothes racks, pins, accessories, a steamer or an iron. Upon request, the organisers provide this equipment to foreign designers at an additional fee.
  12. The organisers provide a backstage room, make-up artists and hairdressers, as well as personnel working with the children (2 persons per 20 children). DESIGNERS are asked to indicate in advance what hairdos and make-up should be done on the children in order to ensure a complete look for the collection's show. 
  13. A DESIGNER chooses the necessary music for his/her show, as well as videos for the LED screens (the organisers will provide all information about the technical equipment).
  14. The music for the show may consist of especially composed piece of music which is long enough for the presentation of the entire collection without looping. If the designer chooses popular music this must be various compositions corresponding to the pace and merged together in one long composition with smooth transitions and of the same volume. Duration of a merged composition is at least 20 minutes. The music must correspond to the character of the collection (the organisers recommend positive, optimistic and rhythmic music).
  15. A DESIGNER has to send the music and videos to the organisers for approval no later than 2 weeks before the show.
  16. A DESIGNER has to bring spare clothing sets (various sizes of at least 3 looks).
  17. A DESIGNER is not entitled to intervene in the organising process of the events, as well as to raise his/her voice towards the children and their parents.
  18. A DESIGNER solves all issues and disputable situations with the ORGANISERS.
  19. A DESIGNER receives 10 invitations, each for 2 persons. The invitations may be given as gifts or as prizes on social media. They must not be sold.
  20. Invitations to the parents of the models will be handed out by the ORGANISER.
  21. A DESIGNER may invite his/her photographer and videographer to take photos and videos of the preparatory process and the show. Prior accreditation is necessary on the website.
  22. A DESIGNER can register for participation only on the website.
  23. A DESIGNER is considered as registered only after paying the participation fee.

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