Mass media accreditation terms
  1. Journalists of officially registered mass media have the right to accreditation. 
  2. At their discretion, the organisers may grant accreditation to independent journalists, bloggers and influencers.
  3. The accreditation is valid for the duration of a single BKFW event.
  4. An application has to be submitted in electronic format on the BKFW.LV website.
  5. The organiser has the right to approve only those accreditation applications that have been fully completed.
  6. Quota per media: 2 persons (a request to allow a larger number of participants shall be discussed separately with the organisers).
  7. The BKFW pass is valid only with a photo thereon (electronic or physical format).
  8. The pass allows the person to go backstage, to the show and to all events organised in the framework of the BKFW except for events subject to special invitations. 
  9. A journalist has to prove his/her identity with an ID document.
  10. Journalists may participate at press conferences and events organised and taking place in the framework of the BKFW to which they have been invited by the team members of the BKFW Organising Committee except for closed events.
  11. Journalists may receive press releases, as well as informative and reference materials about the BKFW, which may be distributed in the media.
  12. At the open events, journalists may take audio and video recordings and photos.
  13. A journalist may cooperate with the organisers of the BKFW in order to organise and receive interviews, comments, etc.
  14. The accreditation of photographers and cameramen at the BKFW events will be done in the same way as the accreditation of journalists.
  15. Media representatives, bloggers, influencers, as well as photographers are not entitled to intervene in the course of the BKFW events (the following activities are considered as an intervention: oral expressions or activities the aim of which is to draw the attention of surrounding persons to oneself or to interrupt the event; taking of photos or videos in a way that disturbs the course of the event, as well as other activities disturbing the event).
  16. When making publications in the social networks and media, bloggers, influencers, photographers and videographers must include active references to the BKFW (@baltickidsfashion, FB: Baltic Kids Fashion Weekend), as well as a reference tag #baltickidsfashionweekend, by indicating any of the designers, the designer's name/brand name (the pictures used in the publications may be photos/videos from the respective designer's show). 
  17. The following information must be indicated under the published photos from the BKFW shows: correct name/surname of the designer or brand name. Likewise, during TV coverages from the BKFW shows, there must be subtitles correctly reflecting the designer's name/surname or brand name. When using photos/video recordings taken during the BKFW in articles and TV and photo coverages, there must be a reference to the BALTIC KIDS FASHION WEEKEND.
  18. All materials made during the BKFW will be sent to the organisers of the BKFW for further use and publishing in the social media and the BKFW.LV website.
  19. Prior to publishing the materials in the media, the materials must be approved by the organisers of the BKFW.
  20. The organisers have the right not to explain the reasons for rejecting an accreditation.

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