Conditions for participation of model agencies at the Baltic Kids Fashion Weekend
  1. A model agency submits an application for participation using the BKFW.LV website.
  2. A model agency undertakes to notify the mothers of the models that the organisers will negotiate only with a representative of the model agency and not with each parent separately.
  3. A model agency undertakes to bring the models at least one day before the event and bring them away on the next day after the event in this way ensuring unhurried presence of the models at the event during the entire day.
  4. A model agency undertakes to inform the mothers of the models in a timely manner about the conditions of participation.
  5. A model agency undertakes to immediately solve any disputable situations during the event and to inform the organisers accordingly.
  6. A model agency undertakes to pay for the participation of the models at least one month before the event.
  7. Representatives of an agency have an obligation to be present at the event on the day of the show and are responsible for the conduct of the children.
  8. Representatives of an agency have an obligation to take care of the daily schedule and feeding of the children, as well as of their physical health condition.
  9. Representatives of an agency do not take any independent decisions regarding the participation of the children at a specific show. Any ideas and potential substitutions have to be approved by the organisers.
  10. An agency must provide at least 1 representative per 5 children to ensure proper accompanying and control of the children without chaos.
  11. A representative of a model agency must accompany the children to the show and also to the booked events where the present children participate without their parents.
  12. If an agency brings children older than 8 years of age, there must be one adult representative from the agency per 5 children. If an agency brings children under the age of 7 years, each child must be accompanied by a parent.
  13. An agency must ensure timely conclusion of an agreement with the parents regarding taking photos of their child (this will be sent in electronic format).
  14. An agency undertakes to follow the recommended price list for the participation of models at the show. The price list is discussed separately with the head of the agency.

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